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Delivering Innovative Diagnostics for Personalized Curative Therapies

Empowering Personalized Medicine for Tomorrow

At StratifiCare™, we specialize in the development and manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostic assay solutions for personalized medicine. This offers the right treatment for the right patient at the right time while eliminating the inefficient trial-and-errors for optimal patient care and reduced treatment cost.


Diagnostic Biomarker Test


Our Solutions


Currently, doctors are unable to predict the progress of the disease due to the lack of a Severe Dengue prediction test. Patients often end up being admitted to hospital even when they do not progress to Severe Dengue. This leads to overhospitalization in both developing and developed countries.


StratifiDen™ consists of a panel of biomarkers that can determine the progress of Dengue Fever. Patients who are predicted not to progress to Severe Dengue can be managed at outpatient settings instead. This reduces the over-hospitalization issue faced by hospitals and relieves healthcare burden in countries.

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