StratifiCare™ has discovered a panel of biomarkers that are able to determine the risk of Severe Dengue. Through simple laboratory analysis, information on the outcome of the disease can now be determined.

Step 1

Collect patient’s blood sample

Step 2

Perform assay using Severe Dengue prediction kit

Step 3

Quantify analytes

Step 4

Determine if patient will go on to develop Severe Dengue

The Kit

Easy Adoption

Technology is based on well-established assay platform commonly used in hospitals. No additional training is required for technicians.

Ease of anxiety

Patients and their family members can be informed in advance of disease outcome.

Assay Accuracy

90% sensitivity and 97% specificity.*

Based on pre-clinical studies.

Cost Savings

Save on unnecessary

 hospitalization expenses if condition can be managed as an outpatient case.

Enquire on our Severe Dengue prediction test now

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