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StratifiCare is Among the Top 3 Pitches at the Ports of the Future Demo Day 2019

We are delighted to announce that StratifiCare emerged as the Top 3 Pitches at the GeelongPort and Australia RunwayHQ - Ports of the Future Demo Day!

The event took place at LEVEL3 on 12 May. A total of 10 aspiring startups from all corners of the world gathered here to pitch about their innovative solutions to transform the maritime sector.

Our maritime partners validated the need for a point-of-care Severe Dengue prediction test to determine whether Dengue patients need to be heli-evacuated from vessels in transit or oil rigs for intensive medical treatments at inland hospitals.

Tires transported by ships are one of the main means by which mosquitoes spread globally. This leads to the international spread of mosquito-borne diseases, which can also infect sailors and oil rig workers. The Chikungunya virus was spread from Africa to Réunion Island and infected 266,000 people within a single year by infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. This is the same species of mosquito that transmits the Dengue virus. You can read more about this at: Smithsonian: The Next West Nile Virus? 

About GeelongPort:

GeelongPort is the second largest port in Victoria, Australia. It is the major driver of Victoria’s economy, managing in excess of $7 billion of trade and generating more than 1,800 jobs across the state.

About RunwayHQ:

Runway is a startup accelerator that unearths and supports startups in regional ecosystems. Runway provides unique entrepreneurial programs to assist people in developing and validating their business ideas, accelerating their startups and scaling up their businesses.

About LEVEL3:

LEVEL3 is a workspace, created by Unilever Foundry and Padang & Co., that brings together Unilever, start-ups and entrepreneurs to encourage innovation and create new partnerships that deliver real business impact.


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