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Leave a Nest - Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference

Photo from Leave a Nest

Following our participation in the Mitsubishi Electric TECH PUSH Program 2018 (read more here), StratifiCare is honored to participate in two Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conferences (HIC) organized by Leave a Nest. The HIC is a platform for corporations, startups and researchers to come together to share their knowledge and generate business opportunities together. Since its inauguration in 2012, the conference has been held in Tokyo and Malaysia. This year, the conference is hosted in Singapore for the first time.

1st Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference Singapore 2019

Photo from Leave a Nest

With the theme “Solving global urban challenges”, the conference showcased how advancing technologies could help us solve challenges in the areas of water and environment, healthcare, and food and agriculture. Winning teams from the TECH PUSH program were also invited to share on their conceptualized innovative products that incorporated proprietary technologies developed by Mitsubishi Electric. We took this opportunity to share on the development progress of μDew, a next-generation quantitative assay platform that incorporates Mitsubishi Electric’s Smart Air Coating technology.

8th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference Tokyo 2019

Photo from Leave a Nest, taken by Miyo Urushihara

As part of the Leave a Nest prize awarded during the Mitsubishi Electric TECH PUSH Program 2018, the StratifiCare team was sponsored to attend HIC Tokyo in March 2019. With the focus on “Rewiring time, space and five senses”, this was their 8th installation of the conference in Tokyo. In addition to sharing on the progress of μDew with the Japanese tech community, we took the discussion with various stakeholders to finalize the plans for further development of the μDew platform to the next level. We also had the opportunity to network with other international startups and research labs for potential future collaborations.

It has been great working with Leave a Nest and we are grateful of the opportunities and platform offered to us to help brand our company. As one of our official community partners, we look forward to many collaborations ahead with them!


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