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StratifiCare is an EPiHC Signatory

StratifiCare is proud to be an invited signatory of #EPiHC, launched by the International Finance Corporation, in collaboration with The World Bank.

The Ethical Principles in Healthcare (EPiHC) is a set of 10 fundamental principles that promote ethical decision-making and behaviour in health services. This strengthens trust between stakeholders and promotes access to quality, affordable, and transparent healthcare for all.

Together, the EPiHC signatories work as a global cohort to advance shared global health goals: improved access to health care, better quality of care, and better health outcomes. We aim to make a stronger contribution to the lives of patients, our staff, the environment, and the communities we serve.

StratifiCare is committed to stand by these values as believers of ethical and responsible conduct in healthcare. As we go on our journey in empowering personalized care through our innovative diagnostic solutions, the EPiHC serves as a moral compass when navigating the complex healthcare landscape.

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