Dengue Fever

Every year

3.9 Billion

world population

at risk of Dengue


400 Million

people have Dengue infections


people progressed on to

develop Severe Dengue and

required hospitalization


of the Severe Dengue patients die from the disease

2 Billion

more people at risk of Dengue infection by 2080

US$14.6 Billion

worth of socioeconomic cost 


reduction of hospitalization

burden by StratifiDen

Do you know?

Only patients who develop Severe Dengue require hospital monitoring

Patients not at risk of Severe Dengue can be managed at outpatient settings

However, due to the lack of a prediction test, physicians can only make clinical judgement based on warning signs shown by the patient

Warning signs shown by patient include

  • Abdominal pain or tenderness

  • Persistent vomiting

  • Clinical fluid accumulation

  • Mucosal bleed

  • Lethargy or restlessness 

  • Liver enlargment >2 cm

  • Increase in HCT concurrent with rapid decrease in platelet count

 The challenge in the clinical management of Dengue is how to accurately predict which patients will go on to develop Severe Dengue in the early phase of the disease.

Suspected Dengue case

Patient visits the hospital to seek treatment

Patient gets hospitalized if they exhibit 1 or more warning signs

Unnecessary hospitalization as over 50% of hospitalized Dengue patients do not develop Severe Dengue

Increase in unnecessary healthcare expenses

 With the introduction of a Severe Dengue prediction test, we are able to determine the risk of Severe Dengue development.

Suspected Dengue case

Patient visits the hospital to seek treatment

Use of Severe Dengue prediction test

Patient gets hospitalized if predicted to develop Severe Dengue

More focused medical attention and aggressive supportive treatment on patients with Severe Dengue 

Patient gets triaged to outpatient care if predicted not to develop Severe Dengue

Avoid unnecessary hospitalization

Reduced unnecessary healthcare expenses

Find out more on our Severe Dengue prediction solution

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